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             DONATE YOUR CAR TODAY. 
Do you need to get rid of that old or broken down car on your property. We can help.  Just give us call at 801 200-Etow(3869) and we will send one of our members out to get your car at no charge and give you a receipt for your tax deduction. Thank You

The Utah Professional Towing Association has been around for many years. The UTPA helps local towers and the public to ensure that towing is done in a safe and effective manner. Here at the UTPA, we offer answers to many of the public concerns about all aspects of the towing industry, which include but are not limited to the rules and regulations, costs of services, rights and financial responablilties. We are not affiliated with any one or any particular company and do not represent or advise any towing companies. We provide you with some helpful information that you may find useful.